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Come Home to a Clean House this Summer

Summer time is well on its way this year. Chances are, you and your family will be taking a summer vacation at some point or another. There’s nothing that can ruin the end of a summer vacation quicker than coming to home to a dirty and dusty house. Some people have caught on to that reality and are doing something about it.

Did you know that dozens of our clients leave us their house keys? That allows us to clean their homes while they are at work or on vacation. They leave for their summer vacation and come home a with a bigger smile than when they left. Their house is fresh, clean, and dust free. They smile as they plop down on their clean couch and relax from a long day of travels.

Make your vacations complete by coming home to a fresh, clean house this summer. All you have to do is call us at 210-342-3878 to schedule your appointment, drop the key off at our office, and you’re good to go! Let The White Glove Maid Service do the dirty work for you this summer. Depending on your house cleaning needs, we offer a deep spring cleaning, or a lighter maintenance cleaning. So what are you waiting for? Make your summer vacation a truly memorable experience…from the time you leave to the time you come home. Choose a quality maid service in San Antonio by choosing the White Glove Maid Service. We are the best of the San Antonio maid service’s out there.

The White glove Maid Service


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The White Glove Maid Service

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