The White Glove Maid Service

Cleaning for a Reason

Giving Back for Our Many Blessings

The White Glove Maid Service proudly supports the non-profit organization Cleaning for a Reason for one simple reason – because it’s the right thing to do. Many of us have felt the impact of cancer, whether through our family members, friends, or co-workers.

Support can manifest in various ways, and at the White Glove, we’ve chosen to offer a reprieve from the daily worries faced by women undergoing cancer treatment by providing our services. While we willingly offer these services at no cost to those in need, it does come at a price.

Promoting such a benevolent program requires a significant investment of time and funds. It relies on support from cleaning companies like ours, as well as contributions from our clients, friends, and the broader public like you.

If you know of a woman dealing with cancer and would like to recommend her for the program, please visit and sign up. Once approved, one of our San Antonio Service Partners will reach out to them and make all the necessary arrangements.

Please help us spread the word.


Michael Baird


White Glove Maid Service