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At The White Glove Maid Service of San Antonio, we proudly associate ourselves with the esteemed HOST Professional Carpet Cleaners Association. Our carpet cleaning services are exclusively performed by certified HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Specialists, ensuring a superior clean for your carpets.

Why HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Stands Out

Here are just a few reasons to choose HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Environmentally Friendly

HOST Carpet Cleaner, derived from 100% plant-based resources and a minimal amount of water, is a soft, natural, and environmentally responsible product. It effectively dissolves, absorbs, and traps soil, spots, and odors in your carpets, leaving them clean, dry, and ready to use.


  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Carpets play a vital role in filtering indoor air by trapping and holding soil, dust, and allergens. The HOST System enhances indoor air quality by effectively removing dirt and reducing dust mites, ensuring a healthier environment.


  1. Dust Mite Allergen Reduction

Extensive research confirms a significant reduction in dust mite count after using HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning. This reduction creates a healthier living space by minimizing allergens associated with dust mites.


  1. Combatting Pet Dander

For homes with pets, HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning is a game-changer. It substantially decreases cat allergens present in carpets, contributing to a more comfortable and allergy-friendly home environment.


  1. Mold and Mold Spore Reduction

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning has been shown to effectively reduce mold spore levels in different climate conditions, ensuring cleaner and healthier living spaces for you and your family.


Choose HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning for a thorough, safe, and environmentally responsible cleaning solution that leaves your carpets fresh, clean, and allergen-free. Experience the difference with The White Glove Maid Service.

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