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Sarah’s Story: House Cleaning and Milk Covered Floors

milk spilling photo

Have you ever had one of those crazy days where everything goes wrong all at once? My friend, Sarah, had one of those days recently when she decided to do some house cleaning.

She’s a young mom of 3 little kids and was scurrying around her house to get things cleaned up. She heard some splashing noises coming from her kitchen and immediately knew what her two year old was up to. She rounded the corner to find that her two year old son decided to pour his milk onto his highchair tray and was using his hands like a high speed windshield wiper to clean it off. She immediately dropped what she was doing to take care of her milk covered floor, walls, window and curtains.

Of course her four year old daughters sees the distress that mommy is in and decides to step in and help. She stands up in her highchair and leans over to “help” mommy wipe little brothers tray off. Her elbow hits her own cup of milk, knocking it off her tray, sending it souring to the floor in slow motion. A milk bomb explodes in the kitchen as it hits the wood floor. There’s nothing left to do except stand there in shock and cry laugh.

Can you relate to Sarah’s crazy day? I know I can. Those days happen to all of us. Just remember, if you get in a bind, and need some last minute rescue help, we’re here for you. We are the “official rescuers of your crazy day.” We send our maids out twice a day all around San Antonio to clean houses just like yours. Allow us to rescue you from your crazy morning by sending you a reliable, professional cleaner by 1pm. Same day service is hard to beat. Don’t let your crazy morning last beyond lunch time. Call us at 210-342-3878 for a house cleaning rescuer nearest to you.

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