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4 Major Benefits of a Spring Cleaning

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas and New Years are long over and Spring time is just around the corner. Where did the time go?! Since time flies so fast, it’s easy to lose track of things. I know I do. One of the easiest things for me to lose track of is keeping my house clean. I finally decide to lock down and do a deep spring cleaning, and before I know it 4 weeks have passed and my house needs another deep cleaning.

I actually talked to a lady on the phone today who has been planning to clean her house for several weeks…10 weeks to be exact. She didn’t know where the time went since she decided to do a spring cleaning. She finally caved in and decided to do the smartest thing -call a maid service. She called us today and now she is booked for a deep spring cleaning this Friday. The deep dust in her house will finally be removed!

Hiring a company to do a Spring Cleaning is one of the smartest ways to assure your family that it will get done.

Here are four major benefits of a Spring Cleaning:

  1. Say goodbye to dusty baseboards and windowsills. Imagine a house with shiny clean baseboards and windowsills all of the time… not just once a year.
  2. No more hard water and mold in your shower/tub. Image taking a shower without looking at black grout and slimy tile – ever.
  3. A fridge that smells as good as it looks. Picture what it would be like to open up your refrigerator and to find the inside shiny and clean. No more crumbs, spills, and smells.
  4. Your ceiling fans will blow without cobwebs hanging on them. Imagine it – you turn on your fan and it spins swiftly without showcasing your dust.

So what’s keeping your house from looking this good? The White Glove Maid Service offers the perfect solution for a shiny house that makes you look and feel good…all the time. Call us today and ask about our amazing Spring Cleaning.


Photo credit: @ Maggie Smith

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