The White Glove Maid Service

30 Years of Maid Service in San Antonio

The White Glove Maid Service started out as most locally owned businesses do – from the ground up. Michael Baird moved to Texas in 1983 and founded the White Glove Maid Service right here in San Antonio, Texas. Through many years of trial and error, Michael learned what it took to make a new business thrive and prosper. It wasn’t long before his maid service quickly expanded as it gained popularity from the local residence.

Customer satisfaction has always been a huge priority for the White Glove Maid Service, which made them stand out amongst other maid services. During the early years of the company, Michael launched a line of maid service training products and videos through his company. The training materials quickly gained international popularity reaching countries such as France, Dubai, Sadi Arabia, Africa, Australia and more.

After many years of dedication and serving thousands of clients, the White Glove Maid Service is proud to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. They plan on serving San Antonio for many more years to come with great customer service and professional cleaning.

How about you? What has your experience with maid services been like over the past 30 years? What has been the most helpful to you?

Celebrating 30 Years.
Celebrating 30 Years.

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