Make Ready Cleaning

If your home is vacant and you’re in need of a deep cleaning, our Make Read Cleaning is the best option for you. Our Make Ready Cleaning offers the same routine as our Move Out Cleaning. Our services are specifically designed from leasing and rental agent clean out checklists. We are well known in the San Antonio area and highly recommended by many realtors and landlords (click here to view our recommended Realtor).

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What is a Make Ready Cleaning?

  • This is a deep cleaning designed for homes and apartments that are vacant of all furniture and personal belongings.

Why should I choose this type of cleaning? 

  • Our Make Ready cleanings are the deepest cleanings we offer for vacant homes and apartments (they are the same as
  • This cleaning is designed to meet many (if not all) of the requirements set by landlords and leasing offices.
  • By choosing this cleaning, you will save yourself days of hard work and intense labor.

What does the Make Ready Cleaning include? 

  • Our Make Ready Cleaning offers the same cleaning as the Move-Out Cleaning.
  • The Make Ready Cleaning includes everything from cleaning out your appliances, dusting the celling fans, wiping down baseboards, scrubbing out the bathtubs and showers, sweeping and mopping the floors, vacuuming the carpets, and much more.
  • To get a specific rundown of what this cleaning includes, call us for a free, no obligation quote at 210-342-DUST.

With the White Glove Maid Service you can rest assured that your house or apartment will be taken care of professionally and done right. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority (and we mean that). We also offer professional dry carpet cleaning and professional tile and grout cleaning to meet all of your Make Ready needs.

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