The White Glove Maid Service

Tile and Grout Cleaning​

Cleanliness is our business!

Over time, every tile floor requires a thorough cleaning to restore its brilliance. Experience the unparalleled benefits of the HOST Tile Cleaning System.

Why Opt for the HOST Tile Cleaning System?

Efficient Cleaning Action

Our tile cleaning machines feature counter-rotating brushes that effortlessly scrub grout, dislodging dirt and grease for a thorough clean.


Green Cleaning Solution

HOST Cleaner is a Green Seal Certified solution containing a well-balanced blend of water, detergents, wetting agents, and natural ingredients. It effectively dissolves and traps dirt and grease.


Safe and Chemical-Free

HOST is entirely safe to use, devoid of harsh chemicals like bleach or acid, and emits no noxious fumes, ensuring a safe cleaning process.


Residue-Free Cleaning

HOST leaves no chemical residue on your tiles, preventing dirt attraction and avoiding rapid re-soiling of grout.


Quick-Drying and Ready for Use

After the cleaning process, grout is left clean, quick-drying, and ready for immediate use, making it safe for both kids and pets.


Rediscover the true beauty of your tile floors with the HOST Tile Cleaning System — a safe, effective, and environmentally responsible cleaning choice. Trust the White Glove Maid Service for an unparalleled clean that stands the test of time.

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