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The Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Company sends out a monthly newsletter to all of their HOST certified companies. We recently received the April newsletter, only to discover “ourselves” published on the front page! We have used HOST for many years and recently sent them a story about one of our many successful customer testimonies. HOST loved the story so much, they decided to publish it.

Here is the story:

We recently had a guy bring in an area rug from a military base. It was kept in an entry way that all the soldier passed through – in army boots. It was a white and red insignia rug. I thought to myself, “there is no way this is coming clean.” It had heavy black boot stains all over the white fibers. After following the restoration instructions and cleaning the rug three times, I was amazed that it came totally clean! Needless to say, the client was very happy and we have cleaned rugs from that military base since. -Mike Baird

The HOST carpet cleaning system truly is amazing. We are proud and excited to be partners with such a wonderful company. Choose a professional maid serving in San Antonio by choosing the White Glove Maid Service for all of your carpet cleaning needs. We’re the best of the San Antonio Maid service’s.

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