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5 Brilliant Tips for Keeping Your House Clean this Summer

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Summer is here!

The strawberries are juicy, the blueberries are on sale, and the watermelon is irresistibly juicy.

Vacation planning is in full swing as you map out your dream destinations. Everything is falling into place except one thing.

Your house.

Unfortunately, the spiderwebs, dirt, and grease don’t take the summer off.

Staying on top of your house cleaning throughout the summer can be quite the chore. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a relaxing vacation to find your house a wreck.

These 5 tips will help keep your house looking fresh all summer long:

  1. To avoid dish pile-ups, make a habit of loading your dishwasher every night before bed.
  2. Dust makes a house look dirty. Take 10 minutes a day to quickly dust one room in your house. At the end of the week your house will be shining.
  3. A bedroom looks 75% cleaner if the bed is made. Make your bed every morning and your bedroom will instantly look better.
  4. Clutter destroys order. Take a 5 minutes every night to pick up the loose clutter throughout your house. Clean surfaces portray cleanliness.
  5. *Brilliant idea* Have a “time out box” for your kids toys. If they don’t clean up their messes each night before bed, any toy found lying around goes in the “time out box” for one day.

There you have it!

5 simple and brilliant tips for keeping your house clean this summer.

What other ideas can you come up with? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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