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4 Tips for House Cleaning on the Go

Like most Americans, you probably have a very busy schedule. Finding a long period of time to buckle down and get anything done can be hard. Cleaning your house is no exception. So how does a busy person find extra time to clean their house? These 4 tips for cleaning on go are here to help. Instead of waiting until you have a large chunk of time (who does?), look for small pockets of time to clean as you go.

4 Tips for Cleaning on the Go:

1. Wake up 10 minutes early and use that time to make your bed and remove clutter from your room. A room looks 50% cleaner when the bed is made.

2. Instead of letting the dishes pile up, quickly load them into the dishwasher each morning before you leave the house.

3. Divide your house into 5 sections. Assign one day a week to cleaning that specific section. At the end of each week you will have cleaned your entire house.

4. Keep your cleaning products handy and available at all times. Purchase extra sets of cleaning supplies and rags and keep them hidden in each room. When you have a spare moment, grab your easily accessible supplies and do some quick, light cleaning.

By applying these 4 easy tips, your house will stay clean without having to sacrifice a large chunk of time to do it. For more great tips on Cleaning on the Go, check out this article from TLC. Happy cleaning!

House Cleaning on the Go


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